Made in India, Jewel of Asia and Star of the world!

Blazed the trail of Indipop  and ignited a Pop  revolution for over a decade. Her album ‘Made in India’ created Pop history selling over 5 million copies worldwide and also won her the prestigious ‘Billboard Asian Viewers Choice Award’. Her concert shows world over were a sellout and the audiences were spellbound with her charismatic performances. Her Bollywood Anthem “Kajrare” reached out to billions in India and all over the world. She still reigns supreme as the diva of Indian POP.

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  • Hi Alisha, you have got one of the most amazing voices in India ever [...]Amit
  • Alisha,you have got the sexiest musical voice I have ever heard.And your face is [...]Robin Kumar Verma
  • Hey, the song dil tu he bataa, couldn't have been better without you, you [...]MaViya

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  • Getting over body issues is a like getting over a fear of heights. The trick is not to look down.. :((3 days ago
  • People have a hard time letting go of their suffering. Out of a fear of the unknown, they prefer suffering that is familiar. ~ Thich Nhat3 days ago


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